Insights & Visibility

Have your finger on the pulse of the overall health of your firm
and make getting all the answers easier than ever.

Visualize your firm’s progress and get critical up-to-date information.

Every firm needs the ability to answer essential questions at any time: How much revenue are we bringing in and how much is outstanding? What are we projecting to bill and collect this month? Headnote harnesses the power of your firm’s billing, invoicing and payment data to give you accurate and critical information at a moment’s notice.

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Get amazing insight into your firm’s entire Accounts Receivable department.

Learn more than ever before about your firm’s billing, invoicing and payment performance. Understand instantly how much your firm bills and brings in on a monthly basis as well as total number of invoices sent and payment history on a client or matter basis. Automatically track your firm’s average payment time and preferred payment methods to make better decisions about cash flow.

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Spend less time on non-billable admin work than ever before.

Your firm’s dashboard handles the tracking, organization, and follow-up you used to do yourself but can’t bill to clients, saving Headnote members on average 10 non-billable hours each month. Stop doing administrative work and driving yourself crazy with tracking and reporting and get back to practicing law and growing your firm.

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See the status of all your firm’s invoices, trust requests and engagement letters instantly.

With your firm’s Headnote dashboard you can instantly see the status of every invoice, trust request or engagement letter created by your firm including:

  • Whether something is in draft mode or has been sent
  • Whether the client has opened or viewed the correspondence
  • If an invoice or trust request is fully paid, partially paid or overdue
  • If an engagement letter is signed or awaiting signature
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When you're ready to get paid in hours instead of months, you're ready for Headnote.

Headnote is an excellent, easy-to-use billing tool - it
gives my firm an intuitive, streamlined process that
clients love.

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