Firm Collaboration

Collaborating with your entire firm to streamline your internal
processes has never been easier.

Invite all team members to create a firm-wide system of record.

Having one single source of truth for all team members is imperative to have a clear and honest picture of the health of your firm. Easily invite your entire firm to your Headnote Team (attorneys and staff) to keep track of your all of your firm’s billing, invoicing, payment, engagement and client information in one secure place.

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Collaborate with all firm members on billing and invoices in real-time.

Multiple firm members can easily track time on the same matter simultaneously, then export that time to the same invoice for easy collaboration. Keep an invoice in draft mode while multiple team members enter time and billing entries, then allow another firm member to approve the invoice prior to emailing it to your client.

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Simplify and modernize the prebill process.

Say goodbye to your outdated prebill approval process (no more printing, red pens or carpal tunnel syndrome from endless manual revisions). Now prebills can be completed in the Headnote platform and entries revised, edited and approved from the invoice itself. There’s no easier or faster way to close out the month and get your bills sent to clients.

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Get automatically reminded of all the draft invoices your firm needs to send out.

Busy attorneys and firms have a lot on their plates, but no one can deny the importance of getting paid for the good work you performed. Headnote will automatically remind firm members of all draft invoices that need to be sent out each month so you have peace of mind that nothing has slipped through the cracks and you’ll always collect payment for every firm hour billed.

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Give all firm members anytime access from any device.

Headnote allows all your firm’s billing and invoicing data to live in the cloud safely and securely, so all firm members can access the platform from any device at any time. No limitations due to hardware or outdated technology means Headnote works wherever you are, and your firm can be more efficient.

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When you're ready to get paid in hours instead of months, you're ready for Headnote.

Headnote is an excellent, easy-to-use billing tool - it
gives my firm an intuitive, streamlined process that
clients love.

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