Online Payments & Trust Requests

Accept online payment to both trust and operating accounts via multiple methods and start getting paid in 4 days or less (Headnote’s current average payment time).

Online payment to trust or operating accounts with total peace of mind.

Allow clients to make payments to your firm’s trust and operating accounts with 100% compliance with IOLTA guidelines and the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct. Earned and unearned fees are completely separated at all times (including during the online transmission process) giving you the confidence that fees are always handled correctly.

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Accept online payment via eCheck / ACH or Credit Card.

Headnote’s proprietary process gives clients the option of paying via credit card or directly from their bank account. Unlike other payment platforms, your clients won't need to deal with waiting periods or micro-deposits to pay directly from their bank account with eCheck via ACH, nor are they required to sign up for a Headnote account. Instead we’ve made the process of paying directly from a bank account as quick and easy as a credit card payment. Clients prefer paying via ACH (no need to deal with available credit balance) so you get paid faster with industry-low 1.9% fees.

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Provide the most client-friendly payment experience on the market.

Clients that pay using Headnote continually say that they prefer it over other methods and competitors. Our members also report higher client satisfaction rates when their clients pay via Headnote. That’s because Headnote was created specifically with your client’s experience in mind:

  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use payment process for clients
  • Gives client the option to pay directly from their bank account or via credit card
  • Allows the client to make installment payments or pay in full
  • Automatically sends your client a receipt once the transaction is completed
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Get paid faster, and automate the collection process for overdue invoices.

There is no denying that Headnote get’s attorneys paid faster than any other method on the market, in 4 days on average compared to the industry average of 60 days. After you send your invoice to the client they’ll automatically receive polite and professional reminders about the status of your bill until it’s paid in full, so you don’t have to.

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Real-time payment visibility and notifications.

Attorneys on Headnote get instantly notified via email once their invoice has been opened, viewed or paid. Payment status will also be automatically updated on your Headnote dashboard in real-time so you have constant visibility and 100% confidence in the accuracy and health of your firm.

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When you're ready to get paid in hours instead of months, you're ready for Headnote.

Headnote is an excellent, easy-to-use billing tool - it
gives my firm an intuitive, streamlined process that
clients love.

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