Time Tracker

Modern, simple time tracking that allows you to maximize billable
hours captured and create streamlined and efficient firm billing processes.

Seamless time tracker and invoicing for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Stop losing time with piecemeal processes and say goodbye to hand scribbled notes. Track your time from within the platform, automatically add billable hours to an invoice, and email to clients for online payment in one seamless system to effortlessly close out your billing cycle with confidence.

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Start and stop timers and automatically export to invoice.

Start a timer on your phone, tablet or desktop from any screen for any task, then pause it as needed and return whenever you’d like. You can even have multiple timers open at once to start and stop as you toggle between tasks or cases, then export it to an invoice with one click. There’s no better way to ensure the accuracy of your firm’s billing.

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Track your hours in real-time or enter them whenever it suits you.

You don’t need to use our timers to track and capture your time in Headnote. Track time in whatever manner you prefer then easily add it to a new or existing invoice to be sent to a client as soon as the work is completed, at the end of the case or project, or according to your firm’s billing cycle.

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When you're ready to get paid in hours instead of months, you're ready for Headnote.

Headnote is an excellent, easy-to-use billing tool - it
gives my firm an intuitive, streamlined process that
clients love.

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