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Headnote helps law firms modernize how they get paid without changing any of their current software or habits.

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If you are a lawyer that is still sitting on paper checks and paper invoices and are trying to figure out how to collect with credit cards and eChecks, man, what a good option.

Sam Glover

Founder of

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Create your firm’s profile and add clients quickly. You won’t need any training to get started on Headnote, but our exceptional Customer Service team is available 24/7 just in case.


Create payment links in seconds.

Easily create unique and secure payment links and set parameters including installment payments and whether you'd like to request payment to your firm's trust or operating account.


Send your link using any method.

Copy the payment link and send to your client using your firm's current invoicing process, including dozens of compatible practice management and billing softwares.


for eCheck payments

No setup fees.

No monthly fees.

No additional fees.

It’s not expensive to get paid faster.

With predictable transaction fees, you pay
only for what you use.

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Headnote is a trust-compliant eCheck and credit card payments platform for law firms seeking to get paid faster with less follow-up.


Neil J. Squillante

Spend more time
practicing law and less
time on your firm’s
accounts receivable.

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Christopher Beckom, Esq.

The process to get up and running on Headnote was incredibly easy. It’s simple to use and beautifully designed.

Kimberley Spire-Oh, Esq.

Since starting to use Headnote, my clients pay more often and much faster without me needing to remind them. It’s a very user-friendly system and provides huge benefits to my practice.

Dan Ehrlich, Esq.

Headnote provides ease of use, flexibility, and tracking that makes credit card and eCheck payment seamless and is very helpful in my practice.

Michael Bland, Esq.

Getting started on Headnote was seamless, the dashboard is very elegantly designed, and my firm’s efficiency and revenue has noticeably increased!

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