Card Brand Network Fees

Depending on the type of credit card your client uses to submit a payment, some small card network and payment gateway fees may apply. These fees DO NOT apply to every transaction.

Like many other payment processors, Headnote passes these fees, if applicable, directly to our customers at the end of each month with no mark-up in an effort to reduce your overall payment processing costs. Although these fees do not apply to every transaction, we’ve provided a list of possible fees that may occur based on the card type used to complete a payment.

Per transaction
Acquirer Processing Fee: $0.0195
Base II Transmission Fee: $0.0018
Integrity Fee: $0.10
International Acquiring Fee (IAF): 0.45%
International Sale Assessment Fee: 1%
Per month
Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF): $2.00

Per Transaction
Network Access and Brand Usage (NABU): $0.0195
Acquirer Program Support Fee: 0.85%
Cross Border (transaction amount in USD): 0.60%
Per Month
Location Fee: $1.25

Per Transaction
Amex Network Processing: 0.15%
Amex Card Not Present: 0.30%
International Inbound: 0.40%