Security and compliance is a must for us.

Headnote offers the most secure payment tool on the market for law firms and their clients and is compliant with lawyer’s online payment rules in all 50 states.

SHA-256 Encryption

Headnote uses a SHA-256 SSL certificate to ensure your data is always protected while using the platform.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Headnote is hosted on Amazon's AWS platform, which is built to meet the requirements of the worlds most security-sensitive organizations.

Cognito Login Technology

Headnote uses Amazon Cognito to securely handle your authentication and identity. All data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit.

Tokenized Payments

Payment details such as credit card numbers and bank account information are always tokenized with Stripe and Plaid and are never sent to our servers or stored.

Encrypted Data

The limited amount of private data that is stored in our database is always encrypted and utilizes an offsite key management system.

Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Headnote partners with industry leading finance and technology companies such as Plaid, Silicon Valley Bank, and Stripe.

We’re fully compliant with professional guidelines and code of conducts for accepting online payments.

Allow clients to make payments to your firm’s trust and operating accounts with 100% compliance with IOLTA guidelines and the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct for accepting online payment.

Earned and unearned fees are completely separated at all times (including during the online transmission process), fees are never taken from trust funds, nor is 3rd party or chargeback access ever allowed.

Offer your clients a compliant, secure online payment method.

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